Jun 2016
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Dear Aficionadas and Aficionados

At today's game conference, Vladimir Petkovic was already announcing the Swiss offensive line in the game against Romania:

 Left offender  1291 spicy mild in a beautiful pack of 5 pcs. suitable any shirt pocket, now with a 20% new-in-store-discount for CHF 10.00 instead of CHF 12.50 / 5pcs.
 Right offender 1291 spicy mild Pack of 10 for aficionados who need a little bit more tobacco, now with a 20% new-in-store-Discount for CHF 17.60 instead of CHF 22.00/pack of 10 
Striker            1291 sweet with beautiful vanilla notes not only for women, but also for men who like it shorter, now with a 20% new-in-store-Discount for CHF 12.00 instead of CHF 15.00 /pack of 20

And should the Swiss still not win with this offensive line, the pleasure is definitely not coming too short ;-).

Offer vaild until Wednesday, 22nd of June 2016.

For orders via onlineshop , please use Code "1291" at the checkout. 1291 are also available at Shop365 Altendorf, Golfclub Hoch-Ybrig, Restaurant Sternensee, Samstagern and Patoro Store, Olten.

Best regards

Cuba d’Oro

Marcel Knobel

by Marcel Knobel

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