Sep 2016

One of the new companies jumping in is actually the culmination of a 20 year process by Carson Serino.

For some time Serino has been importing bundle cigars for use as “daily smokes” but this new venture finds him teaming up with Omar González Alemán for the “Serino Royale” series. Aleman originally came up through the Cuban cigar industry, blending in the “Cuban Partagas” factory and also working on Romeo y Julieta, San Luis Rey, San Cristóbal, and Montecristo brands, among others. He now owns La Corona Cigar S.A. in Estelí, Nicaragua, and has been involved with Cubanacan, Soneros, and HR cigar brands.

For Serino Royale, there are four different blends, each using 5-year-aged fillers from Omar’s farms in Estelí and Jalapa. The binders on all the blends are from Jalapa. And all the cigar were rolled and put into the La Corona aging room in 2014, so these are actually “pre-aged.” The differences, then, in the blends is the wrapper leaves employed.

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Offer is valid until 21st of September 2016

by Marcel Knobel

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