Aug 2016

The Eiora family were the founder and owner of the cigar brand Camacho. The swiss cigar company Oettinger / Davidoff acquired the trademark rights of Camacho and Tabacalera Rancho Jamastran in 2008. But the tobacco fields remained the property of Eiroas. 2012 Christian Eiroa launched a new cigar line. First with the brand CLE (the initials of him, Christian Luis Eiroa).

Now he launched his new line carrying his last name Eiroa. The authentic Corojo-tobacco of the Eiroa Classic opens a variety of flavors of bittersweet cocoa, cedar and spicy notes. After the first third it determines a blend of peppery and earthy notes to the flavor profile, to increasingly push cocoa, leather and cedar. After the half a mild, fruity flavor joins the wide range of aromas. The cigars of the Eiroa Classic series are, as written on the cigar ring, launched with the motto "Salud, Amor y pesetas", a traditional Spanish proverb. In english "health, love and money". These premium cigars are honduran puros produced at Tabacalera El Aladino which has always been owned by the Eiroa family.

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by Marcel Knobel

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