Cuba d’Oro - Vintage Cigar Lounge

Rent the Vintage Cigar Lounge for you and your connoisseur friends! In our lovingly furnished Vintage Cigar Lounge in Altendorf SZ you can enjoy a small menu and wine list, over 60 different cigar brands, 30 different R(h)ums, whiskeys and other delicacies. Furthermore, the Cuba d'Oro - Vintage Cigar Lounge also hosts regular cigar tastings, as well as the well-known and enjoyable "Noches PuroGusto", where selected delights are perfectly paired with the respective cigar.

Especially in the wintertime the Cuba d'Oro Vintage Cigar Lounge is busy. Would you like to come by with customers or friends? So please do not hesitate to ask us. The  Cuba d'Oro - Vintage Cigar Lounge offers space for about 12-16 guests. Reservations are gladly accepted under the number +41 79 644 93 82.